Basic terms

Einkorn (Triticum monococcum L.) – species of the Poacea family, genus Triticum, a wild form which secondary origin center is Bulgaria

Previous crop – a culture which precedes the einkorn in the crop rotation

Yield of grain – total grain mass after removing the weeds

Germination – a phase which begins with the appearance of the koleoptila above the soil surface.

Tillering – a phenophase which marks the appearance of the first tillering

Spindling – the appearance of the first bend above the soil

Ear formation – the emergence of a class from the flag leaf.

Flowering – a phase during which the regenerative organs are reaching maturity (stamens and pistils).

Maturity – milk, wax and full – Milk maturity occurs when the class has shaped grains, but their texture is semiliquid. Upon wax maturity the seeds have reached their maximum size and typical color

Wort – an intermediate product produced during the mashing of wort (malt) grist with water and subsequent draining and flushing of the malt mash.

Yeasts – yeasts of the genus Saccharomyces, used for fermenting wort

Beer duration – a period of time during which the beer retains its quality indicators.